Toyota next gen
14Sep, 23 September 14, 2023Toyota
  • By Uber Energy

Toyota has been sending waves through the renewables and electrified transportation industries with their recent press releases. In addition to the breakthroughs in Hydrogen production, Toyota has announced new batteries developed in-house with impressive specs. Toyota has announced it plans to use four types of next-gen batteries – three with a liquid electrolyte configuration and one solid-state.

Liquid electrolyte batteries are the dominant type found in EVs today. Toyota (along with several other companies) have been working to find ways to increase energy density, decrease weight, and lower cost of these liquid electrolyte batteries. Toyota has revealed the development of three lines of batteries: Performance, Popularization, and High-Performance.

As seen above, Toyota plans to launch its performance line of batteries in 2026 increasing range to 497+ miles. By 2027 Toyota claims it will have solid state batteries on the market capable of 621+ miles of range. All of the above batteries claim faster charging, lower charging costs, and increased range compared to current Toyota vehicle batteries. A large part of the improvements in battery performance can be attributed to new breakthroughs in battery development. While previous configurations used a monopolar configuration, the next generations are based on a bipolar configuration.

On top of the improved range, faster charging times, and lower charging costs, Toyota claims these batteries will also be smaller and lighter. These weight reductions are factored into forecasted range capabilities, along with forecasted improvements in aerodynamics. Solid-state batteries carry vast improvements of their own, in relation to voltage and temperature tolerance. Many of the ‘cold weather’ issues will be improved if not fully resolved with advancements in solid-state configurations. Solid-state batteries offer an additional improvement to range, charge time, and charge cost – with a massively increased lifespan. Preliminary reports of solid-state batteries suggest that total # of charge cycles will be multiplied by a factor of 10 – meaning that you can use solid-state batteries for 10 times as long as current batteries without significant performance degradation.

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