21Sep, 23/ 179 views

Tesla 2023 models – discounts and prices

2023 Tesla models with revised discounts and pricing While Tesla is still undoubtedly the largest electric automobile manufacturer in the world; other car brands have started to earn market share in EV industry. The Ford Mustang Mach E is a notable example of a non-Tesla EV that has boasted huge sales numbers. Tesla has responded by slashing prices …

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Tesla SuperchargerTesla
30Aug, 23/ 478 views

Study: How does fast-charging effect Tesla range?

A recent study performed by Recurrent aims to identify exactly how much frequent fast charging degrades range over multiple charge cycles. Recurrent produces battery health reports for used electric vehicles, and launched this study of over 12.5 thousand used Tesla’s in the US. Recurrent has created two groups, a group of Tesla’s that u …

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Tesla Powerwall 3Tesla
24Aug, 23/ 416 views

Tesla Powerwall 3 – the Biggest and Baddest yet

Tesla Powerwall home power storage solutions are easily the most popular consumer choice in the industry. The original Powerwall, followed by Powerwall2 and then Powerwall plus, have all been popular hits and shown the viability of home solar systems. While initial reports indicated a Spring 2023 release, it is now unclear exactly when we will see …

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Tesla Mobile Connector Hardwired Wall ChargerElectric Vehicles
17Aug, 23/ 161 views

NEMA Outlet vs. Hardwired Chargers

EV chargers can typically be powered two ways: by installing a compatible NEMA outlet and plugging the charger in, OR by wiring a wall charger directly to your breaker panel. Plug-in chargers are most convenient for those who already have an outlet installed in their garage or near their EV. While plug-in chargers offer convenience, we have found t …

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Tesla Universal Wall Connector NACS CCSTesla
16Aug, 23/ 203 views

Tesla launches new Universal Wall Connector

Tesla sent shockwaves through the EV charging world as they launched the latest in Tesla charging technology, a universal wall charging system with CCS and NACS outputs. Tesla is targeting all EV drivers with their latest charging solution that automatically determines which charging plug you need. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zgsV-utnks Based on …

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