Chevy Bolt Electric Car Charger Install
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How to Charge the Chevy Bolt?


Level 1 Standard Outlet Charger

These Level 1 charging stations use a normal 120-volt connection, which utilizes any standard household outlet; there are no extra costs here. The downside is that charging times are extremely slow. Many Chevy Bolt owners will likely find that they deplete the battery faster than at the rate the vehicle charges.

Every Chevy Bolt comes standard with a portable charger that can plug into any standard 120-volt outlet. The 66 kWh battery pack can be fully charged in about 43 hours according to GM. This method,  called “trickle” charging, only adds about three to four miles in an hour.

We highly do not recommend staying with Level 1 Charging as it will provide an unpleasant charging experience for you.

Chevy Bolt Car Charger Install

Level 2 Chevy Bolt Home Charger Install

Having a Level 2 EVSE at your home is ideal because most EV owners find they do the majority of their charging while they are asleep. Fortunately, the Bolt uses the standard J1772 connection found in all U.S.-based home and public EV chargers that supply 240-volt, Level 2 power. This increases the number of miles you can replenish to 24 miles an hour. The charging time is now much faster thanks to the Bolt’s new 7.2-kW onboard charger.

To have a level 2 charger installed in your home, you will need a professional installation by an electrician. We specialize solely in the installation of electric vehicle charging so we are your go-to guy!

If you would like a quote on having a Chevy Bolt home charging station installed at your home, please click here to start your fast online quote.

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