Ford Fleet Bidirectional Charging
21Aug, 23 August 21, 2023Ford
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Ford Patents New Bi-Directional Charging System for Fleets

Ford recently submitted a patent to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), published July 27 2023, which details a multi-vehicle charging system with bi-directional flow. The charging system utilized couplers and microcontrollers that allow for vehicles to draw energy from the charging system power source and from other vehicles within the system.

Ford currently is utilizing bi-directional charging for its F150 Lightning EV, which allows the truck to act as a back-up home power supply, and now they are focused on developing this technology for fleet applications.

Ford Bi-Directional Charging
Ford Bi-Directional Charging

Ford’s new charging system will certainly appeal to fleets looking to utilize EVs, as bi-directional charging will allow for a higher utilization of all fleet vehicles without the installation of additional charging points.