Tesla Cold Weather Testing Model X Model Y
15Aug, 23 August 15, 2023Tesla
  • By Uber Energy

Extreme Cold Winter Testing – Tesla Model X & Tesla Model Y

Tesla’s latest promotional video highlights the emphasis placed on cold weather performance and the in-depth testing being performed in Northern Europe. Recently posted to Tesla’s official YouTube channel, the promotional video shows a series of cold-weather tests being performed in Norway to ensure Tesla performance in all-weather conditions.

Tesla’s video highlights the extensive testing being performed on Model X and Model Y vehicles just south of the Arctic Circle. Tesla engineers have developed a variety of sensors and testing methods that allow them to measure car performance throughout elevations and temperature changes. Engineers monitor pressure differentials to ensure seals on tail lights perform under these extreme conditions. Norwegian engineers were quick to point out that the rapid temperature change, along with the elevation change, create a harsh dynamic environment that is a true test of the vehicle’s cold-weather capabilities. 

This is the latest in a series of tests and programs to ensure the capabilities of electric vehicles throughout all seasons. Advancements in EV and battery technology will continue to improve in extreme weather conditions, allowing the utilization of more range that is not weather-dependent.