Tesla Electric Energy Retailer Solar Powerwall
17Aug, 23 August 17, 2023Tesla
  • By Uber Energy

Tesla Powerwall owners who are subscribed to Tesla Electric earned, on average, $100 each from selling power back to the grid. Tesla has been increasing their presence across a variety of electrical markets, with last years testing of Virtual Power Plants and this years unveiling of Tesla Electric.

Because electricity can not be efficiently stored at scale, it must be generated as it is needed, leading to ‘peak’ prices (as more people use power, price increases). Some electrical utilities have found success reacting to external events, to reduce unexpected costs. Tesla Electric is taking this a step further for Powerwall customers.

For customers who have a Powerwall installed, Tesla Electric will automatically buy and sell energy based on your capacity and usage. Tesla Electric software considers peak prices as well, and will purchase enough energy at low prices, storing that energy in the Powerwall, and providing a buffer against peak pricing. For customers who produce more power than needed; Tesla Electric will wait until peak pricing and sell the excess energy for you. In this sense, Tesla has become an electrical energy retailer.

According to the official Tesla account; Powerwall customers have earned, on average, $100 from energy sales during the 10-day heatwave – a promising start for the early stage energy retailer.

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